Comedian Artie Lange has made several attempts at rehabbing his addiction problem, including one he announced on New Jersey 101.5. So what makes this time work?

Lange who's been home since September 10 tells New Jersey 101.5 on my show:

"I have more consequences in my life than I've ever had before," Lange said. "If I screw up this time, ya know, there's jail involved. .. I don't feel like seeing my mom upset anymore, I got great friends, my career somehow ... It's like enough already man," he said. "People like you and my career and my fans are the one thing that has not abandoned me, and I gotta start being grateful for that. Show some gratitude and do this the right way."

Lange's getting ready for his upcoming tour, which you can find information on here.

Artie needs all the help he can get from those of us who love him. If you're Artie's friend and you truly care about him and you see him on the road, PLEASE don't offer him a drink, don't offer him a joint, don't offer him crack, don't offer him cocaine and most of all don't offer him heroin. But feel free to offer him as much love and laughter as you want. That's what Artie Lange's all about!

You can get tickets for Artie's tour here.

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