CLINTON TOWNSHIP — It was only a matter of time after the video showing Artie Lange pumping gas before someone would find out where he was doing it. A man who says he had his friend who works at the CIA track him down to Hunterdon County, gave Lange a $20 tip with a note on it saying "Not valid for drugs."

Lange was grateful and talkative.

"I'm doing good, I appreciate it," he said. You can see the uncensored video here.
Artie was also asked about Howard Stern, who has come out with a new autobiographical book.

"Listen, I love Howard. Howard gave me the greatest job of my life. He tried to help me," he said. "A million times Howard said to me, 'Go to rehab, take as long as you want and you got a job.' What else can you expect? And I s**t all over that because I was a drug addict. But Howard did me right; I love him."

Lange, who explained he's pumping gas as part of his program at a halfway house in Glen Gardner, is losing weight.

"Without cocaine, I'm losing weight. I've got 111 days clean and sober."

He said he will be returning to the stage "in a few weeks." But for now, as it appears on the video, Artie will be appearing at the Exxon on Route 31 in Clinton Township through May 26.

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