I'm looking forward to my annual week in Seaside with my family next month. I'll be on the beach part of every day, so a story on philly.com caught my eye that was about 'beachspreading'. Sort of like 'manspreading' (taking up too much room on the subway) except in beach form. Setting up giant 10 by 10 canopies, foldout tables, etc., claiming as much beach as you can and certainly more than you need. The story focused on Sea Isle City where they say this has become a thing, but I wonder if it's becoming a thing at all beaches this year. Guess I'll find out soon.

It also got me thinking about other pet peeves people might have about visiting the Jersey shore. My top 3 in no particular order... smokers, loud talkers, and people who don't watch their kids.

Smokers bother me for the obvious reason. You're not just catching their foul smell in passing. You're stuck with it for hours unless you want to literally pack up everything you have and move a hundred feet, possibly to have another smoker set up camp near you anyway.

Loud talkers has to top the list for a lot of people. You go to the beach to wind down, relax, enjoy the salt air, not to hear why somebody's nephew isn't speaking to their mother over an insult made to the nephew's wife's cole slaw on 4th of July. If you're 30 feet away and I can still hear every vapid word you're saying, you are being obnoxious. Remember, key word, others.

This last one, people not watching their kids, might not be what you're thinking. It isn't that people's kids are running amuck and disturbing me. Kids are supposed to have fun on the beach. It's when parents don't watch their kids near the water. There have been more than a dozen drownings in New Jersey this summer (granted not all of them at in the ocean, but many) and when parents allow their little kids far from them and even out of their sight entirely it makes me nervous. I end up feeling responsible for some stranger's kid, and find myself constantly looking to see that they're not going out too far or getting into trouble. Am I the only one who feels this way?

For our poll below I tried to think of as many possible beach pet peeves as I could, even ones I don't share, to see which is the most common.

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