For the past seven years, I’ve been honored to MC a portion of an annual benefit sponsored by my old friends at the Weichert Family of Companies.

As you know, I worked for Weichert for fourteen years before beginning my adventure in TV and radio. It was an outstanding time in my professional life. Working with the company leadership, training, managing people and budgets, and yes, learning how to increase revenue through productivity and reduce costs in order to maximize profits. Imagine applying that to Trenton government, hmmm, that’s another post.

Back to the company and the culture of standing up for people who need a voice, the Weichert Family has always encouraged giving back and helping. Enter Laura Metro, breast cancer survivor and event planner extraordinaire. For 19 years she’s been at the helm pulling in a greater number of participants every year. This year, not only did Weichert present a check to the American Cancer Society of more than $200,000, but the total over the course of the events has now topped one point six MILLION.

Nicely done everyone. And as I mentioned on the air, it’s a bit of a family reunion for me, having spent so much of my professional career with the great folks that have made Jim Weichert’s company one of the best New Jersey has to offer.

Congrats on the success of the charity efforts and celebrating 50 years in business on August 25th.

You can still donate to this amazing charity benefiting the American Cancer Society breast cancer research by clicking HERE.

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