Had a great opportunity this week to visit one of only two manufacturers of pneumatic compression machines in the United States. Yes, they're located in New Jersey. Moonachie in Bergen County to be precise.

Producing thousands of devices every month and shipping them across the country and overseas, Bio Compression Systems is one of New Jersey's best.

Owners Bob and Dolores Freidenrich invited us in to meet the team and understand the business. Now managed day to day by Bob's son-in-law John, the business continues to succeed.

I had a chance to speak on the production floor to the 40 employees who contribute to the company's success. The pneumatic compression machines are used to treat people with lymphatic and circulatory disorders. The compression helps reduce swelling and pain as well as improve a patient's range of motion.

It was an opportunity for me to learn about how arbitrary regulations and oppressive taxation keep many companies from moving into NJ and has certainly contributed to the exodus we are experiencing currently. Reducing the regulatory burden and encouraging companies like Bio Compression Systems to expand is good for all of New Jersey.

Increased employment, production, and profitability all contribute to increased tax revenue at all levels. New Jersey needs to begin making things again. Manufacturing locally creates a direct supply chain which will help keep costs down and supplies available on demand.

I've proposed changes to our tax structure for years including enterprise/tax-free zones to stimulate growth and a "reverse millionaires" tax which would alleviate a major burden on small business owners and successful employers who create opportunities for others.

To help stimulate our economy, increase our revenue, reduce our state debt, and bring people back to New Jersey, we need a major overhaul of taxation and regulation.

Here's a "Day One" plan that I wrote about earlier this year.

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