I'm honored to serve as the emcee for a very important event this week in Cherry Hill.

Choices of the Heart is an organization in New Jersey offering alternatives to abortion. Unfortunately, in America today, the word "choice" tends to mean access to abortion.

It's so prevalent in our political culture, that a New Jersey congressman actually harassed a center in North Jersey offering free medical services to women dealing with an unexpected pregnancy.

For radicals like Rep. Josh Gottheimer, the only "choice" he seems to favor is abortion. This position is out of touch with reality.

First of all, most Americans favor restrictions on abortion. Recent polling shows that 90% of Republicans, 88% of Independents, and 61% of Democrats. All in about 8 in every 10 Americans favor a restriction. Those who favor abortion on demand and up to birth are WAY out of touch with most people.

Women deserve alternatives and facts about abortion

As a pro-life Republican, I believe that it's critical to go beyond a debate of simple access to abortion. It's critical to ensure that women dealing with an unexpected pregnancy are offered alternatives and facts about abortions. Sadly, the push from the radicals to increase abortions often comes with shouting down credible medical sources that would help women make an informed choice.

It's one of the reasons I've taken a stand to fight for women's rights and the pregnancy resource centers that offer free support and help. Financial and medical support, adoption options, and structure so that they don't have to take the journey alone. That's exactly what the heroes who run the "abortion alternative" organizations provide.

Spadea on stage with Kayleigh McEnany

I'll be on stage tonight to introduce President Trump's former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany who is an outspoken Christian, author, and co-host on Fox News.

The event is sold out, but if you agree with the position of offering women a true choice then please consider helping one of the two organizations in New Jersey that I'm supporting:

Choices of the Heart and Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center.

Competitive NJ school board races fall 2023

In time for November elections, 1,804 board of education candidates have been registered around New Jersey, for a total of 1,487 open seats.

These are not evenly spread — some boards have zero candidates for an available spot, while others have more than three candidates vying for each seat. The following competitive races are based on data from the New Jersey School Board Association.

Gallery Credit: Erin Vogt

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