New Jersey Congressman Josh Gottheimer is thought to be considering a run for U.S. Senate or governor. It seems he's just waiting to see what will be the best opportunity for his ambition.

In the quest for a media hit ahead of a potential run, the congressman recently showed up at a Pregnancy Resource Center in Hackensack and made some inflammatory and false comments to grab a headline.

Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center was the target of the congressman's rage recently when he showed up unannounced to berate the staff and women seeking help and calling the center "brainwashing cult clinics."

Nanotrillion/DAPA Images/Townsquare Media photo illustration
Nanotrillion/DAPA Images/Townsquare Media photo illustration

The challenge we have with politicians is that both sides go for the sound bite and a headline instead of learning and educating people about issues.

The Democrats clearly think that abortion is a winning issue and any group that doesn't provide abortions could be a target.

Lighthouse Pregnancy Resouce Center offers help for pregnant women exploring their options.

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Unfortunately, critical centers like Lighthouse get caught up in the political battle over abortion.

I spoke to Debbie Provencher, the Executive Director for the Center and she shed light on the misinformation that is being spread.

As Debbie explained to me, if Congressman Gottheimer took just a minute to review the website and talk to the staff and thousands of women helped by the center, he might have a change of heart.

What's ignored by the congressman is that the center offers information regarding abortion. Why are radicals so willing to push back when it comes to information sharing? Young women facing a difficult choice deserve to be informed so they can make a smart choice.

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For all the advocates of choice, it's time to embrace informed choices and recognize that there are multiple options for pregnant women.

Here's what the attorney from a Consortium representing pregnancy resource centers had to say according to their press release:

In his efforts to ‘shut down’ pregnancy centers and remove free help to women in need, Rep.
Gottheimer showed up unannounced in front of one of our member centers and
mischaracterized all New Jersey pregnancy resource centers,” explained Eileen S. Den Bleyker,
Esq., an attorney representing the Consortium. “He called the centers ‘brainwashing cult clinics’
and made other false and defamatory statements. In doing so, Congressman Gottheimer
demonstrated that he is seriously ill-informed and fails to fairly represent all his constituents –
which include the clients, staff, volunteers, and financial supporters of Lighthouse Pregnancy
Resource Center.”

According to the New Jersey Consortium of Pregnancy Centers, more than 35,000 benefit from the free services provided every year valued at more than $3 million. The total includes more than $2 million in free medical services.

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