🚗 Leaked report details NYC's congestion pricing

🚗 NJ commuters will suffer the most

🚗 Gov. Murphy vows legal action

We now know how much New Jersey drivers will be charged to enter Manhattan below 60th street.

It's a lot.

A leaked report published by the New York times sets the congestion pricing toll at $15. Commercial trucks will be charged $36.

Everyone in the region deserves access to more reliable mass transit, but placing an unjustified financial burden on New Jersey commuters is wrong.

As details of the controversial plan emerged, Gov. Murphy and other Garden State officials condemned it.

Congressman Josh Gottheimer declared, "New York is officially sticking it to Jersey families with their commuter-crushing Congestion Tax."

Gov. Phil Murphy says the report proves what he has argued all along: That the MTA rushed the process and was never focused on fairness.

attachment-New York is officially sticking it to Jersey families with their commuter-crushing Congestion Tax.

Murphy called the plan an "unfair and ill-conceived congestion pricing tolling scheme on New Jersey commuters."

"Despite our interconnected and interdependent regional economy and transportation system, New York officials did not meaningfully consult with us from the outset and instead treated New Jerseyans as a convenient way to fill an MTA budget hole," Murphy said in a statement Wednesday night.

Some discounts offered

New Jersey officials have been arguing for months that Garden State commuters should get some discount for tolls already paid.

Under the report published by the Times, the following discounts are included:

💲 New Jersey drivers using the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels will get a $5 during daytime hours

💲 Low-income drivers will get 50 percent off tolls during the day after the first 10 trips in a calendar month

💲 Motorcycles will get a $2.50 discount

💲 Small commercial trucks will get a $12 credit

💲 Larger trucks will get $20 off

💲 Under the plan reportedly approved, George Washington Bridge Commuters will not get any discount or credit.

During a public hearing in October, MTA Board special advisor Juliette Michaelson conceded none of the scenarios they were considering would make New Jersey drivers whole. "They don’t create full parity between entries," Michaelson said, "But they do help move things in that direction."

attachment-New York is officially sticking it to Jersey families with their commuter-crushing Congestion Tax. (1)

Even taxi and rideshare users will pay more

Surcharges will be added to all taxi and ride share fares that bring passengers into Manhattan below 60th street.

Licensed taxi cabs will be forced to add $1.25 per trip.

If you take a rideshare, like Uber or Lyft, the surcharge will be $2.50 per trip.

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What comes next?

The congestion pricing is expected to formally be adopted soon, and go into effect in the Spring.

Gov. Murphy said Wednesday night a lawsuit to try and stop it is coming.

"We are left with no choice than to continue addressing our concerns through litigation," Murphy said.


Aside from the fairness issue, Murphy claims the congestion pricing plan will increase pollution and put an unmanageable burden on New Jersey's mass transit system.

The lack of credits for the George Washington Bridge commuters, Murphy says, "Will lead to toll shopping, increased congestion in underserved communities, and excessive tolling at New Jersey crossings into Manhattan."

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