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What are the odds that all three of the NFL teams repped by the most fans in the Garden State would all be awful?

Well, that has already happened in 2020. Maybe the better question is, what are the odds that the New York Giants, the New York Jets, and the Philadelphia Eagles will all be bad for a second season in a row?

If you take one look at the future odds on the three teams to win their respective divisions, and the over/under totals, those odds look pretty tempting.

Two of the three teams are odds-on to finish last in the AFC East (Jets, +2000 odds to win the AFC East) and NFC East (Eagles, +500 odds to win the NFC East), and the only reason the Giants (+350 to win the NFC East) are not last is because the Eagles are there. The same chances are predicted by the betting companies in the UK.

The AFC East looks to be all about the Buffalo Bills (-150), who made it to the AFC Championship game, before falling to Kansas City 38-24. But the Miami Dolphins are on the rise, and the New England Patriots will be better. So basically, the Jets look very much likely to be in the basement again come January.

If you take a look at the NFC East, though, there has to be some optimism for the locals. Washington won this at 7-9 last season, and has one of the better defenses in the league. But the Football Team is the second choice (+260) to win the division, behind the Dallas Cowboys. Once Dak Prescott went down injured, it was all over for the Cowboys in 2020. There is some hope in Dallas that the team will get back to the top of the NFC East.

Remember, there are now 17 regular season games, so 8-9 or 9-8 could be enough to win it: I cannot imagine 7-10 would be enough to get it done, but stranger things have happened.

If you look at the over/under win totals, the Giants have the best number of the locals at 7.5. So if you like the over, you would have to expect the Giants to go at least 8-9. Can they do that?

Well, if you look at the other totals, it could. The Eagles have a total of 6.5 (7-10 or better to cover the over, 6-11 or worse to go under), with Washington 8.5 and Dallas 9.5. With the Green Bay situation not yet settled, the NFC East is one of two divisions in the NFL to have all four teams under double digit wins on the future win totals: the other is the AFC South, with Tennessee and Indianapolis both set at 9.5.

As for the Jets, the total is set at the same as the Eagles: 6.5. But the odds on the under for the Jets (-162 to go under 6.5 wins) have much more juice than the ones on the Eagles under (+110).

Is there any value in the local odds? Of course, if you pick the right one. The Jets should go under, and the Giants would have to go 8-9 to cover the over, which seems high.

Maybe it is on the Eagles to go over 6.5 wins (odds -143), with many predictions (here and here to name two) saying Philadelphia goes 8-9 in 2021.

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