Who should go to college? With rising costs of tuition and loans, traditional four-year degrees are no longer being pushed as the one true key to a successful career.

On Thursday, New Jersey 101.5 presents the latest in a series of Town Hall broadcasts to help navigate life in the Garden State. New Jersey 101.5’s Eric Scott leads the news and digital departments as they examine alternatives to college.

New Jersey is facing a real crisis in terms of a skilled labor shortage. These are solid careers, with excellent pay, and don’t come with the debt of a four-year degree.

Scott and his guests will explore what careers are in demand, and help parents and students find the best path to achieving success.

“Not everyone needs a four-year degree to have a successful and rewarding career. New Jersey desperately needs workers in skilled trades,” Scott said.

The program’s on-air expert panel will feature:

John Tillman, founder of Ecliptic Financial Advisors

Aaron Fichtner, president of the New Jersey Council of County Colleges

Chrissy Buteas, chief government affairs officer with the New Jersey Business & Industry Association

Amy Lombardo, with the New Jersey School Counselor Association

The program will also feature representatives from New Jersey trade unions that run their own certification schools for members. Scott and his guests will also answer live, call-in questions from listeners throughout the hour.

Online, the town hall will be streamed through the Listen Live feature of our free app as well as on Facebook.com/NJ1015 and on this page.

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