So many New Jersey residents fear they will never be able to afford to retire.

Thursday night at 7, a New Jersey 101.5 town hall program will help New Jersey residents make smart decisions and ask the right questions as they plan for their future.”

From saving for retirement to purchasing a home, “Securing Your Financial Future” program will help New Jerseyans plan to meet their financial goals.

Join me as I lead a discussion with analysts, financial planning experts, real estate specialists, and college planners.

The program’s on-air panel will feature Chris Lester, president of Professional Planning Services; Leslie Beck, owner and principal of Compass Wealth Management; John Tillman, president of Ecliptic Financial Advisors; and Scott Lief, vice president of mortgage lending at Guaranteed Rate.

Online, the program will be streamed live and available for embedding at The broadcast may also be accessed via, the New Jersey 101.5 YouTube channel, or the free New Jersey 101.5 app.

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30 neighborhoods in NJ where richest families live

These ZIP codes in New Jersey have the highest percentage of households earning more than $200,000 in annual income, meaning these are the neighborhoods were the wealthiest families are most likely to live. The figures are based on 5-year data by the U.S. Census American Community Survey as of 2021.

Gallery Credit: New Jersey 101.5

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