Will New Jersey really ban gas-powered stoves and cars?

There is a lot of misinformation about the state Master Energy Plan. New Jersey 101.5's town hall 7 p.m. Thursday — "Flipping the Switch: Are You Ready?" — will help New Jersey residents understand what the plan involves and if the goals set out by Gov. Phil Murphy are even attainable.

This town hall discussion will explore plans in New Jersey to move the state away from fossil fuels and instead to wind and solar energy. As part of the transition, the sale of new gas-powered cars will be banned by 2035.

New Jersey 101.5’s Eric Scott will lead a discussion aimed at helping residents understand what these changes will mean to them. The program will also explore if New Jersey has the infrastructure to handle increased electric demand as gas power is phased out.

The program’s on-air panel will feature state Sen. Vin Gopal; Ray Cantor, deputy chief of government affairs for the New Jersey Business & Industry Association; Doug O’Malley, state director of Environment New Jersey; Pam Frank, CEO of ChargEVC; and Jim Appleton, president of the New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers.

Listen on air, watch it on the New Jersey 101.5 Facebook page or catch the program on this page.

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