Watch and listen Thursday night at 7 as New Jersey 101.5 presents "Made in New Jersey."

This town hall program will inform and entertain with stories about unique products that were invented in the Garden State or are only made in New Jersey.

From Band-Aids to condensed soup, New Jersey innovators have brought some amazing products to market.

New Jersey 101.5’s Eric Scott will lead a discussion that not only highlights these products unique to New Jersey, but also addresses the many challenges facing the industry in an uncertain economy.

“Marshmallow Fluff is in New Jersey. So is the delicious chocolate drink Bosco,” Scott says. “New Jersey manufacturers have figured prominently throughout America’s history, but many are now struggling.”

The program’s on-air panel will feature: John Kennedy, CEO of New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program; Michele Siekerka, President & CEO of New Jersey Business & Industry Association; Ellen Pietrowitz-Phillips, President of LEM Precision Fabrication; as well as a variety
of manufacturers who proudly make their products in the Great Garden State.

Online, the program will be streamed live at

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