According to statistics from the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, more than 16,000 vehicles were stolen in 2023, a 4% increase from 2022.

And these days thieves aren’t just stealing cars, they’re also breaking into people’s homes to get their hands on vehicle key fobs.

These are not teens looking for a joyride. Sophisticated criminal enterprises are behind the majority of car thefts in New Jersey with proceeds being used to fund international crime and terrorism.

On Thursday night at 7, join us for a special town hall — “Locked Down: Defending Your Car and Home from Theft.”

Our discussion will look at the reasons behind the dramatic increase in car thefts and what might be done to reduce them. The program will also educate New Jerseyans about how best to prevent being a victim.

The program’s panel:

New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden

Marlboro Mayor Jonathan Hornik

U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-N.J. 5th District

Christine O’Brien, president of the Insurance Council of New Jersey.

Online, the program will be streamed live at and on our free app.

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