From home break-ins, catalytic converter thefts and internet scams, there is no shortage of ways that bad actors try and take advantage of you.

Play the video above for our town hall: Victim-Proofing Your Life.

This program will help New Jersey residents protect themselves from bad actors who are operating throughout New Jersey.

This town hall style discussion will help New Jersey residents protect themselves from a tidal wave of scams, auto and home thefts, mass shootings, and cybercrime that has reached epidemic levels.

New Jersey 101.5’s Eric Scott will lead a discussion with safety and security experts to help listeners identify and safeguard themselves from these threats.

The program’s on-air panel will feature:

🚨 Daniel Engelhardt, director of preparedness division for the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness

🚨 Mitchell Little, chief of the Toms River Police Department

🚨 Christopher Devanney, division director at Aceton Networks

🚨 Ally Armeson, executive director of programs at Cybercrime Support Network

Listeners will also be able to call in and ask specific questions.

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