Hard to believe we are just 2 weeks away from the kickoff of the 2017-2018 NFL season. Whether you're preparing for another season of tailgating at Metlife Stadium or studying for your fantasy football draft, every NFL fan seems to be searching for something about the NFL on the web these days.

A new study on CableTV.com maps out the most searched/favorite players in every state. Washington State and Texas love their respective teams as the Seahawks and Cowboys had the most amount of searched for players. The Oakland Raiders had the most out of market searches for players by people other than in California.

Locally, the Giants and Jets didn't have the most searched for players in their "home" state of New York. That title would go to the Buffalo Bills. The Giants far and away were the most searched for NFL team here in the Garden State.

When I first looked at the study, I figured the most searched NFL player here in NJ would be a slam dunk. It would be Giants stud wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., right? Nope. What about quarterback Eli Manning? Try again. Defensive stalwart Jason Pierre-Paul? Negatory. The most popular player that has the most searches in New Jersey is... Safety Landon Collins?

Wait, WHAT?

Yep, Landon Collins. I couldn't believe it. I think we may have to check in with night time host Steve Trevelise, NJ101.5's biggest Giants fan and see what he thinks about this. We may also to check his computer for Google searches...

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