There are more than 200 cases of unidentified people in New Jersey who are listed on the State Police website. 

While most of the cases are of people who died, two cases are babies who were safely abandoned by parents who did not want them.

According to the website, which was last updated more than two years ago, there are 236 cases involving unidentified people who died.

"The purpose of placing these cases on the Internet is to reach a more diversified audience that might have knowledge about the identification of these individuals," the website says.

Sgt. Jeff Flynn said the list is meant to "assist local and county agencies with unidentified persons cases."

"Often, unidentified persons become long-term investigations," Flynn said.

The State Police have broken the unidentified bodies down by county. Out of 21 counties across the state, 17 have reported cases to the State Police. Essex County has the most, with 64 cases. Hudson County follows with 47.

Many of the cases listed on the website do not have images, while others have computer enhancements or composite sketches. Some cases also have pictures of the bodies as well as descriptions of the bodies. The listings include clothing the person might have been wearing, as well as any other clues that might help with identification.

See the full list here.

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