Twice a year, the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival takes place at the Showboat in Atlantic City and their Spring show is coming up next week.

The horror convention always has a top-notch guest list and knows how to keep it “classic horror” but also appeals to others that might not be into horror as much as others.

The majority of the celebrity guests that appear are either actual horror movie actors/actresses or have starred in at least one horror-like film.

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March 24, 25, and 26 is the next NJ Horror Con event at the Showboat in Atlantic City in the building's new event center called “The Terminal.”

Showboat AC / NJ Horror Con
Showboat AC / NJ Horror Con

Celebrity headliners for the show include:

Clint Howard

Michael Pare

Joel Murray

Jamison Newlander

Michael Berryman

If you’re a “Halloween” series fan, you’ll get to meet the original Michael Myers, Tony Moran

along with:

Charles Cyphers

Nancy Loomis

If you’re more of a Chucky fan, you can meet little Andy who is not so little anymore:

Alex Vincent

Christine Elise

If you’re an old-school horror movie fan, these are stars you might like to line up for:

Eileen Dietz

Nicholas Mele

Felissa Rose

Linnea Quigley

Caroline Williams

And if you're into YouTube vloggers:

The Grimm Life Collective

Don't miss everyone's favorite bad guy:

Richard Tyson

And so many more to see and meet. You can see the full guest list HERE.

New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival is also taking place on August 18, 19, and 20, 2023 at the New Jersey Convention and Expo Center in Edison.

A few guests have been announced for that show including a “Fright Night” reunion with:

Amanda Bearse

Stephen Geoffreys

and William Ragsdale

For more information on NJ Horror Con, click HERE.

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