The Showboat in Atlantic City has been without a casino for almost a decade now.

Throughout the years, they have hosted events and conventions on the old casino floor giving the promoters plenty of space to run their shows.

Then the Showboat built what they think is a family-friendly atmosphere covering that same floor with an arcade and go-kart track.

Showboat go-kart racing (Photo: Rich Luongo)
Showboat go-kart racing (Photo: Rich Luongo)

They are also in the process of building an indoor waterpark to be open all year round.

ISLAND waterpark Showboat Atlantic City
(courtesy Lisa Jackson Communications/Tower Investments)

All of this forced those events and conventions out of that big, empty space and up to the second floor where the old House of Blues concert hall and the old buffet are.

That didn’t work out the way everyone wanted to so now, they have built a convention space under the parking garage where the old bus depot used to be called “The Terminal.”

It has more than 40,000 square feet and (should) fit perfectly for all of the events and conventions that have been moved around the building so much.

As the space is “almost” done, the Showboat has already hosted shows in the space, but it comes just in time for the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival happening the weekend of March 24, 25, and 26.

NJ Horror Con is shaping out to be a great show so far with celebrity guests like:

Joel Murray

Tony Moran

Michael Berryman

Alex Vincent

Felissa Rose

Jamison Newlander

The Grimm Life Collective

Check out more of the guest list HERE.

Tickets are still available for the show. You can find all of the information HERE.

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