Producer Kristen, who has been with the morning show and keeping me on time and on track for the past seven years, also helps her husband Ryan host some of the best events in the Northeast.

If you are a horror film fan, New Jersey Horror Con is for you.

Feature films throughout the day, old-school reunions with some of your favorite cast members, souvenirs, and the comradery of fellow fans from around the region.

We spoke to Troy Burbank and his wife Michelle who produced and wrote, "What Lives Here". It's a film in Atlantic Highlands where nobody local wants to do the debris removal because of the scary history of the featured house. The out-of-state company needs the money. They find out soon why no one wanted the job.

You've got to check out this weekend's New Jersey Horror Con at the Convention and Expo Center in Edison.

Meet some of your favorite horror celebrities and enjoy a great venue. We'll keep you posted as more film festivals are scheduled around the state.

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Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

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