Two big days are fast approaching! My morning show producer Kristen Accardi and podcast co-host Jessica Nutt are getting married. I thought that the best thing I could do was open up the phone lines and let you help these women prepare for the big day and their lives ahead. Jersey, ya didn't disappoint. Calls came in almost immediately offering advice regarding finances, personal value and detailed input on whether to attend your own cocktail reception. Callers leaned against the married couple visiting every table, but Kristen was firm in her stance that it was going to happen. Jessica called me out at one point when I referenced the oxygen bags falling in a plane emergency..."are you comparing this to a plane crash?!?" I was trying to relate to a caller's story, but context is key and I coulda timed it better...Her wedding is fast approaching in August and she's got most of the work done...we'll check back in with her on the progress in a few weeks. And yes. Vinnie is invited.

We also had a special guest as Kristen's fiancé Ryan called into the show to tell me that he'd like to have a Delorean at the reception. Yes, he's a huge Back to the Future fan.

Kristen and Ryan won't be tying the knot until early 2020, so right now their attention is on the big event happening in Islen,NJ this weekend....NJ Horror Con!! Actors, directors, and producers from some of the great horror flicks of our time will be stopping by the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel in Islen, NJ beginning Friday, March 2nd and running through Sunday, March 4th.

Congratulations to Jessica and Kristen! And thanks for all of you who took the time to offer some great advice. Next wedding segment will be on Friday, March 16th when we'll tackle the issues of Bachelorette Parties and Wedding you have stories to share...

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