There are so many things that are so Jersey-esque that if people of the future dug them out of the ground eons from now, they would know that they belong to us.

The other day, we decided to find out what are the quintessential New Jersey items that would need to be in a New Jersey time capsule to be dug up in 100 years from now. Of course, some of the usuals came up, like the box from a Taylor ham/pork roll, but they were some great ideas of things to put in the time capsule that we had never even thought of.

  • New Jersey property tax bill — When they unearth this, people wont believe that our yearly property tax bill, as much as a home down payment, really happened. That’s why it needs to go into the time capsule: to prove that it really was true.
  • A copy of Weird New Jersey — The unique New Jersey publication that describes all things strange and wonderful in New Jersey.
  • A copy of Born to Run — The Springsteen album that people in and out of the state most associate with New Jersey.
  • Bridge and tunnel toll tokens — As the state with the most tolls, it wouldn’t be a time capsule without these collector’s items. Truly an essential in any collection of New Jersey memorabilia.
  • Can of Campbell’s soup — Here’s one I bet you never thought of. Of course the Campbell Soup factory was in Camden for years! People never associate Campbell’s Soup with New Jersey but it really belongs to us!
  • Gov. Chris Christie’s fleece — Do you remember the infamous circus-tent-sized fleece that Governor Christie was wearing in all of his photo ops during hurricane Sandy? Our time capsule definitely needs to have that inside of it! Although, with that in there, will there be room for much else?
  • Skeeball tickets — While it’s true that many other states have arcades with skeeball, the fact that we have the 120 miles of shoreline and the associated boardwalks makes skeeball sort of a Jersey thing. And those tickets that used to spit out of the machines are so Jersey-esque they deserve a spot in the time capsule.
  • The Jersey Shore duck phone — Even though we New Jerseyans know that nobody on the show Jersey Shore really reflected what we are about, Americans still associate that show with the garden state and of course they associate the duck phone with that show. So let’s throw that in the box!
  • Beach badge — As the only state in the country that actually charges to get on the beach, a New Jersey beach badge is a real rarity. Generations to come will look at it and say, “what? People had to pay to walk on sand?“
  • Clerks DVD — The quintessential Jersey film by the quintessential Jersey film maker, Clerks has become a classic that makes everyone celebrate New Jersey. Based on the quick stop in Leonardo New Jersey where Kevin Smith actually work, nothing says New Jersey like a movie about convenience store clerks.
  • KOHRS CUP — Well, we obviously had to pick one representative of boardwalk food! So many were mentioned: salt water taffy, funnel cake, and the list goes on and on. but nothing says a hot Jersey day on the boardwalk like Kohr’s Custard!
  • D&J Show cassette — A listener suggested this inclusion to the time capsule, and after 23 years together on New Jersey’s radio station, we humbly agree!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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