It's the toughest weekend of the football season. That weekend between the championship games and The Pro Bowl. You go from high drama to trying to stay awake while the NFL's best of the best blended with some of the worst because many of the best of the best bow out, play each other in a meaningless game where they mostly try to not hurt each other so they can just enjoy their paid vacation with their families.

It's usually in Hawaii, then they moved it to Orlando. It's perfect place for a Mickey Mouse game, now they may move it again. Why not bring it to New Jersey?  Actually they should just announce the nominations and do away with the game. As a Giants fan, I gasp every time Saquon Barkley touches the ball. Imagine getting hurt in the Pro Bowl???? It may be the most boring game on the planet. I asked what could be more fun than the Pro Bowl and these are among the replies:

Sharon Pees: "Watching paint dry!"

Justin Morris: "Dinner at in laws"

Carol Iannotti: "Watching repeats of last yr super bowl, Eagles beat cry baby Brady"

Bob Hutson: "Watching the NY METS"

Jim Cunningham: "Slow agonizing death."

Scott Soffen: "Liver and Onions"

Mitchell Siegel: "Washing the dishes... and I really mean that... dishes are done... thinking about dirtying them so i can wash them again.. serious really..."

Andy Rehorn: "Bamboo jammed under the finger and toe nails."

Cliff Sheldon: "Getting neutered."

Barry Yelowitz: "A colonoscopy?"

Robert Mattonelli "It’s better than the Hallmark Channel"

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