There's been too much of too much. The Washington Post Fact-Checker blog counted over 3,000 lies told by President Donald Trump in his first 466 days in office. This week he managed to get in an embarrassing fight with one of our oldest and strongest allies, Canada. Secret payments to porn stars. Unfounded Spy Gate allegations. A who's-more-patriotic battle with NFL players from a president who got a doctor's note to avoid serving in Vietnam. Declaring some of the white supremacists in Charlottesville were "very fine people." So many more things.

Now comes a crazy bit of information from about Trump's illegal habit of ripping apart, sometimes to the size of confetti, paperwork that passes through his hands and must by law be preserved. It's called the Presidential Records Act and it means all letters, email, memos and papers that the president touches must by law be preserved and sent to the National Archives.

Except, he doesn't.

Story has it that early on White House staffers realized he could not be reasoned with and his habit of tearing everything apart once he's done with it would not be broken. So staff treats him like an out of control mentally disturbed child and follows behind him constantly picking up his torn apart papers and then painstakingly piecing them back together with tape to preserve them so that they are in compliance with the law. If true, it just adds to the weirdness of the presidency. Do you remember the era of rumors about a pop star who had Bubbles the chimp, slept in an oxygenated hyperbaric chamber and tried to buy the remains of the Elephant Man? It's like Trump is the Michael Jackson of U.S. presidents.

If this paper shredding story is legit, and given all else about this administration I have zero reason to doubt it, this reminds me of what it must have been like to work on the staff for eccentric Howard Hughes. He was the subject of the Leonardo DiCaprio film The Aviator.

Then again, he's poised to make history and change the world with a one-on-one meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un. An unlikely accomplishment given the who's button is bigger talk a few months ago. And the U.S. unemployment rate at 3.8% is the lowest it's been in 18 years and the economy is booming. Tax codes have been changed. Businesses have given bonuses to workers in an effort to share the wealth.

However you view Donald Trump, we all agree America has never seen a presidency like this before. For those who think he's in over his head, have you considered how many times he's been counted out before and come back? Wasn't there even a book he wrote by that title? If he's bluffing his way through the presidency, many believe he's bluffing masterfully.

Whatever movie you see as this Trump White House I think it's safe to say there could well be a sequel and the ending will be huge. Spectacular. People are already talking. Believe me.

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