In last week’s Facebook LIVE, I opened up the conversation for you to vent about what’s wrong in the Garden State. Is it the fact that schools are sort of, kind or, but not really opening? Is it the lack of sporting events? No ability to properly mourn family members who have passed? Vote by mail … for everyone?!? The pandemic, which hit a peak in April. is long over.

What’s interesting is that despite all of the evidence, facts and testimony from leading health and medical experts, the governor in New Jersey is still holding onto crisis mode. He is the ultimate crisis actor, playing on people’s illogical fears of a virus that isn’t going away, but will impact very few people outside of the highest vulnerability category. This chart says it all, comparing New York and Sweden where the virus hit the highest levels around the same time and with one place locking down and the other remaining open for business. Death rate per million four times as high in New York and both New York and Sweden hit nearly the same levels of antibodies.

What does that tell you? Herd immunity is real and Murphy and Cuomo both should be held criminally responsible for their actions over the past few months. The inconvenient truth for power hungry elites like Murphy is that Sweden’s approach worked. Period.

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