During our weekly Facebook LIVE conversation, the biggest topic is the reopening of our NJ schools, or as I call it, the fake reopening.

It is madness to think that we have actual adults discussing plans to “safely” open schools. We know some solid facts that as much as the NJEA and the governor want to ignore they are still true. Kids are largely unaffected by coronavirus. Only a few dozen kids passed away out of more than 150,000 reported deaths in the US. In Sweden, there is only one report of a possible COVID related death among children with schools remaining open throughout the pandemic.

The NJEA wants you to think that kids are vulnerable and can spread the disease to teachers. The facts say otherwise with conclusive evidence that kids are simply not spreaders. The governor is "fighting" the NJEA saying that schools should be open, but it’s a classic fake fight, like his feud with Steve Sweeney (they both made up to add billions to our debt), as it’s only about political maneuvering to get a concession. Think about how silly it is to have a "hybrid" education with a few days in class and then a few at home. If you buy into the propaganda of the never-ending pandemic then certainly the NJEA makes a point and schools should not be open, if you look at the facts, you realize they are spreading a false public alarm and should be held accountable.

On the other side, how does a few days on and a few off slow the spread? With kids not impacted by the disease and not spreading it, how can anyone with a brain think it’s OK to have temperature checks, masks and now we’re hearing armbands?!?

The pandemic is over. Actual infections causing the need for treatment are dropping precipitously. If policy makers cared about you and your family, we’d have reopened fully in May when the pandemic slowed to a crawl.

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