The pandemic has been over since the end of April. Positive tests have nothing to do with sick people. Even with the positive tests driving the media narrative, we know that most of these tests are likely FALSE positives.

When the pandemic first started, we had a laudable goal of making sure we could treat all those impacted. We did that so well, mobile hospitals were packed up and sent home because they were EMPTY. The pandemic was never even close to as bad as predicted or projected by the cowards and fear mongers running our state and medical establishments. Kids, even at the height of the fear, were never in any significant danger.

If you look at the real numbers, only 53 "school age" kids between the age of 5 to 17 passed away with coronavirus. Most of those with major co-morbidities, as the CDC reported 94% of all the COVID-related deaths had an average of 2.5 comorbidities, some as serious as late stage cancer. Now we're debating whether schools, restaurants and retail can be reopened "safely"? It's madness. It's propaganda. It's a lie.

Younger, healthy people have been essentially safe throughout the entire ordeal. Older, compromised people were less at risk in long term care facilities until Governor Murphy and his cohorts forced sick people out of hospitals and into those same facilities exposing the most vulnerable. For me, I'm not complying with the absurdity of mask mandates, distance nor contact tracing. If we're serious about protecting the health of Americans then let the docs do what they do, treat the sick, and let our immune systems do what they do, keep us mostly healthly, most of the time.

Stop the testing. Stop the fear mongering. Stop playing to the worst of people's anxieties and get EVERYONE back to work, school and play. It's long overdue.

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