We had a lively discussion on the latest conversation on Facebook Live. One of my favorite things to do is interact with you and talk about practical solutions to what is hurting NJ. The challenges we are facing are huge, mainly because it’s just us.

There are no leaders in Trenton who ‘speak for New Jersey’. Only craven political elites who are more focused on their own well being than serving the public who elected them. NJ was broken politically and economically before the pandemic shutdown. And unless something is done fast, we will be among the last states to recover.

The good news is NJ residents are tough and resilient and if we can convince more people to stay and fight instead of rush the exits, we might be able to turn this thing around sooner rather than later.

I want to thank my friend Steve Kalafer who owns Flemington Car and Truck Country for being a solid citizen, patriot and friend. He’s always been ready, willing and able to step up and sponsor parts of our show so we can keep the conversation going.

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