Another week and another serious interaction with you, as we took to Facebook to tackle the solution New Jersey needs to get back to normal.

Many people are still upset about the utter failure of the Murphy administration to protect our most vulnerable. Compared to other states like Florida, which has a much higher percentage and number of elderly and compromised citizens, New Jersey failed miserably.

The latest so-called spike reported by many media outlets is simply fake news/propaganda. The US is now testing around 500,000 people every day, so naturally there are more cases to report. The interesting thing that's being left out of many reports? The fact that the percentage of positive cases is dropping. The bottom line is that the virus isn’t going away, but we are certainly not experiencing any surge or second wave right now.

Thousands shoulder to shoulder protesting, beaches and indoor dining open in the Carolinas and Florida … no spike, no outbreak. Don’t forget that this conversation started in February as people panicked over a disease that spread a lot faster than the flu. The entire public policy focus was on slowing the spread as best we could in order to make sure our health care system could treat the sick. No credible medical professional thought that we could eliminate the disease nor stop people from catching it.

Even New Jersey’s own health commissioner said everyone would get it. That lined up with some pretty smart people including epidemiologists at Stanford University who talked about millions of people having coronavirus in January. The solution? Make sure we use our resources to save as many vulnerable people as possible, which most states did, but not New Jersey.

In NJ, the government sent COVID-19 positive patients back to nursing homes where our most vulnerable citizens lived. So instead of isolating the sick and protecting the vulnerable, Gov. Phil Murphy did the opposite. And now he’s blaming you for a possible spike in cases? It’s a lie designed to cover up for his negligence.

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