A few weeks ago, Gov. Phil Murphy rolled out different COVID prediction models that presented different pandemic scenarios. It turns out all of the COVID metrics we now have are actually better than any of the models predicted.

We will be continuing to watch for any signs that the jury may be ready to announce a verdict in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Still can't get an appointment at the Motor Vehicle Commission? Believe it or not, the problems with the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine are partially to blame.

The medical examiner's office in Washington, D.C. determines that U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, a native of South River, died of natural causes, a stroke, at the Jan. 6 riot.

According to the latest figures from Gov. Murphy, even more New Jersey schools have reopened their doors for all in-person instruction this week.

Our county-by-county breakdown of where the most COVID vaccine shots have been given out so far indicates that the state is still struggling to get the vaccine to communities where it is needed most.

Some continue to insist the virus poses an extremely low risk to the vast majority of state residents, but Gov. Murphy isn't one of those doubters.

If you do not want to specify whether you are male or female, or identify as non-binary in gender, you now have the opportunity to state that on your New Jersey driver's license. The state has added a third option, "X."

Ocean County legislators are trying to turn back the idea of vaccine passports, a possibility Gov. Murphy has entertained.

Gov. Murphy has signed into law a seven-bill package that will strengthen protections for victims of sexual assault.

Starting May 15, the Asbury Park Press reports, 100 flags saying "Ocean County Supports Law Enforcement" will line Hooper Avenue in Toms River, perhaps putting an end to the recent blue line saga in that area.

Did you know that early 20th-century baseball superstar Honus Wagner played for a New Jersey minor league team in the 1890s? NJ.com reports a team card of his Paterson Silk Weavers sold for $90,000 at auction Sunday night.

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