As the New Jersey powers work on ways to make college more affordable, I have a few ideas I would like to add. First off, eliminate electives and only require students to take what's required for their degree. Let them broaden their horizons on their own time and dime. When my wife was earning her degree in physical therapy, she was forced to take a collage making class. Not once was it ever used to treat a patient and in our 18 years of marriage, we don't have a single one hanging in the house.

I went to a broadcasting school instead of college, which was 222 hours of intense training specifically on radio and television broadcasting. I was able to get out in 6 weeks and begin in the industry that I have spent the last 35 years in. Trade schools also don't force electives and those graduates seem to get to the workplace faster and with no student loan debt. If it isn't needed in your field, you shouldn't have to take it.

Secondly, make the books easier to reuse or use materials that are available online.

Tina Marie from my Facebook page writes..."Lower tuition so professors don't have to be paid more? Most annoying expense was the 300 dollar book that was only used for 6 weeks and resold at 125 dollars. Cheaper to by tape recorder".

That would save a lot of money as students are forced to buy new every year.  There is so much fat in college tuition that if the lawmakers acted like they were picking up the tab, they'd definitely find ways to cut the cost.

Remember, colleges are businesses with the two best marketing tools ever, mom and dad. Shop around and make your best deal. Here are some other money saving ideas for college...

Richard Rutenberg: "Enroll in a dual degree program, get the ba/ma in 4 years for example"

John Kensil: "Get a job at a college that lets you or your kids attend for free if you work there"

Mayble Last: "The best way to cut the costs of college is to leave and come back as illegals" New Jersey, that may not be so far fetched...

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