Rider college is offering a course on Bruce Springsteen which I'm sure is going to great if you're a Bruce fan, but should you need it to graduate? I would say "yes" if you were majoring in "becoming a rock star" and this course would give you the secret to Bruce's success. But if it's simply an elective, then I say no way.

Politicians are always talking about ways to decrease student loan debt. How about not forcing you to take electives to graduate?

One of the main reasons millennials have it so hard making it in New Jersey is that many are saddled with student loan debt. That debt for some who have called my show will take them practically to retirement. One way to trim that debt is to trim the credits you need to graduate to only those needed for your chosen profession or degree. If you want to take an elective, go right ahead but it shouldn't be a requirement to your degree.

When my wife went to college to become a physical therapist, she needed electives and ended up taking a collage making class. My wife does very well in her profession and there is not a collage anywhere to be found in my house. What was the point? I can't see one other than to make the college more money and put my wife deeper into student loan debt.

When I decided I wanted to be on the radio, I was obsessed with it and didn't want to waste my time or money doing anything else. I ended up going to a broadcasting school that offered me 222 hours of intense training. I also took voice lessons (believe it or not). When it was over, I ended up in my chosen profession in much less time and for much less money than a four year college which would have forced me to take electives that would have run up my bill and wasted my time.

College should be about meeting your goals and not about forcing you into theirs. Just like you wouldn't buy a steak if they forced you to take brussels sprouts, you shouldn't be forced to take classes you won't need just so they can make more money from you. Food analogy for thought.

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