Ok so it wasn’t ACTUAL golf, but since virtual golf still lets you tee up and swing your clubs with the best of 'em, I consider it my first time. And since #fakegolfing is all the rage now, I had to make a go of it. You’ve probably heard of TopGolf-cool suites where you can combine gold with wining and dining.

Some TopGolf facilities are actual driving ranges (there’s an awesome one in Edison) but the one I learned at is a virtual game in which, unlike a driving range, your ball can get stuck in sand traps, deep grass and plunk into the water.Its located in the beautiful ocean casino and resort in Atlantic City.

I’m not much of a gambler, so my husband and I, in search of alternative entertainment, decided to try out one of the golf suites where you reserve a private suite, eat dinner, have a drink and golf the best courses in the world (we played an exact virtual replica of Pebble Beach). We had such a great time, We found out two things that night: 1) We’re terrible golfers 2) we can’t wait to go back!

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