Golfers we've spoken to say tee times are tough to come by since the announcement to reopen golf courses was made on Wednesday.

Golfers swarmed the courses' websites and phone lines to reserve their times, since the weather looks ideal for playing this Saturday and Sunday. Players will have to go out two at a time, and no foursomes for now.

Each golfer will have his or her own cart — no sharing. Walkers may be permitted at some courses, but that will slow down play even more, so expect to be in a motorized cart. Courses will also be eliminating many touchpoints like benches, ball washers and, yes, even score cards. From the friends I've talked to, the greens fees are higher than usual, since the demand will be higher and only two players will allowed to play at one time.

For the hardcore golfer, these sacrifices, even wearing a mask and gloves, will be worth it. It's been more than a month since courses were ordered shut, and even though the weather has not been great, golfers are looking to make up lost time on the links. It may be a while until the game gets back to normal, but for many golfers not being on a course on any given weekend is about as abnormal as it gets!

Here's a complete guide to all golf courses in New Jersey.

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