Voting is officially under way to pick the scariest nightmare in New Jersey.

The nightmares below were submitted by Deminski and Doyle listeners over the last few days. Pick the spookiest, but do it fast — the poll will close at 6 p.m. sharp Thursday. The winner gets a pair of Fright Fest tickets hand-delivered by our producer, Joe Votruba.

Julian’s nightmare is a creepy tale of foreshadowing that left him in disbelief. Read Julian's nightmare.

A very well known horror movie plays a part in Barbara's terrifying nightmare. Read Barbara's nightmare.

Nancy's nightmare is quick and could probably fit into two or three Tweets, but what happened to her mother at the end is shocking. Read Nancy's nightmare.

Paralysis, unheard screams and being trapped inside your own body. Don't read Sara's nightmare if you're home alone. Read Sara's nightmare.

The ceiling is always closing towards Zach in his scary recurring nightmare. Read Zach's nightmare.

Mandy had this nightmare the night after she stayed at a haunted hotel. Read Mandy's nightmare.

A very strange wild animal picks a fight with Tom in his nightmare. Read Tom's nightmare.

Jeanine’s worst nightmare led to a lifetime of being afraid of the dark. Read Jeanine’s nightmare.

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