Zach's nightmare comes to us via Facebook. He claims to have had this same nightmare for years, all through grade school going into middle school.

I'd find myself in an incredibly long hallway made of large golden bricks. About the size of cinder blocks, they were bumpy and slightly rough looking with a dull golden glow to them. I'd walk down the enormous hallway to find myself at a door. The door wasn't a modern looking door we see today. It was as if it were from an old castle. I'd walk through the door and enter a large circular room. Along the walls of the gigantic circular room were dozens upon dozens of doorways, all open. I'd walk into the center of the room and then every single open doorway surrounding me would suddenly slam shut. Immediately after, the ceiling would start to slowly come down onto me. I never panicked in the dream, I just stood still and watched the ceiling come down onto me. But the exact moment the ceiling reached me, I would awake.

For years I'd have this dream every other month or so and wake up every time in the middle of the night sometimes sweating. I noticed the dream stopped around 7th or 8th grade. When I looked into the meaning, the best answer I got was this: The long hallway represents growing up through life. The large circular room with open doorways are all the opportunities in life. But the doors shutting and the ceiling coming down represents not doing anything with life and running out of time. Not sure how this all explains the golden bricks or old styled doors and how well I can picture them in my head, or the waking up in the middle of the night. But it was the best answer I got.

What's your worst nightmare? Deminski & Doyle want to know. Leave them in the comments below or message us on Facebook by 6 p.m. Wednesday. We'll put them up to a vote, and the winner gets two tickets to the final weekend of Six Flag Great Adventure's Fright Fest, hand-delivered by producer Joe Votruba.

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