The following nightmare was submitted by Barbara. Prepare for goosebumps.

Let me start by saying my name is Barbara and my brother's name is Johnny. I had this nightmare in 1973 right after I got married. My then husband and I went to the Newark Drive In to see Night of The Living Dead. To this day, I do not watch horror films, as that one did it for me. It was actually on a TV movie station the other night and I thought about DVRing it, but just could not. That is how bad this film affected my brain.

At the time, my husband worked the night shift at his job. I fell asleep one night while he was at work, and the next thing I know, I was hearing a voice. I heard, "Barbara," "Barbara," then mumbling and "Barbara," "Johnny." I heard what could only be explained as a crashing sound in the bathroom. I walked in to see what the noise was and noticed the window had a hole in it. What the hell was going on? I got closer and closer, when suddenly a dead man’s face appeared right there in front of me. I ran back to my bedroom and the bedroom window made a crashing sound as I was locking the door behind me. Again, I'm hearing "Barbara," "Barbara." I turned around and all I can see are bloody arms and dead people trying to reach in to grab me. There was blood all over the window and bodies.

They started to crawl into the window, so I ran into the living room, only to find more dead bodies trying to crawl through that window as well. I ran down the steps to my front door and flung it open to escape. Bodies were crawling down the steps and sliding down the banister, hands coming at me, I could feel one on my neck, on my shoulder. Somehow I finally got the front door to open. I remember screaming so hard I couldn't breathe when suddenly the door opened up. There stood my brother Johnny, all bloodied with a bullet hole in his forehead and drool coming down from his mouth and a smile on his face saying "Barbara!" I then woke up with a pounding heart.

Yep, I hate that movie. Could not even bring myself to DVR it last night.


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