Another day, another couple of scary nightmare submissions to share with you. The person with the most terrifying submission wins five tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure. Don’t forget, you have until Wednesday, Oct. 19 to tell us about the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had! Here are two nightmare submissions from today.

This nightmare was submitted by a listener by the name of Christine.

I grew up in a New Jersey neighborhood. All of the kids in my neighborhood used to get together and play hide and go seek in the cornfield behind some of the houses. There was one tall tree that grew in the field. It was oddly placed.

I had this reoccurring dream that one time my brother asked me to follow him. We hid behind the tree. It seemed like all the kids forgot to "find" us as it got dark and eerily quiet. All of the sudden my brother and I were kidnapped by these deformed beings who placed us in a cement cell with a small bar like window. I cried and cried until they let me go. I ran home and told my parents. When we went back my brother and the cell were gone.

This was a reoccurring dream I had as a child. It was so real that each time I had it I had to get out of bed and check on my brother. It scared me so each time that I was afraid one day I would check his bed and he wouldn't be there. The dream eventually stopped only to start up again years later. I'm not quite sure what it meant, but the cornfield still gives me a creepy feeling every time I drive by it now as an adult.

This nightmare was submitted by a listener by the name of Casey.

If I had to guess, I'd say I had (this nightmare) about a dozen times between the ages of 5 and 7 or so. It was always EXACTLY the same... until the last time.

It started with an overhead view of myself sleeping in my bed, almost as if I was hovering near the ceiling above...looking down on myself. Suddenly I'd be in the bed myself and slowly waking up. I'd turn my head towards the wall to my left, except instead of a wall there was a big red velvet curtain...floor to at a theater. The curtain was split in the center and all that I could see was an old man's face peering out at me. His head never moved, but his eyes would follow me wherever I went. I'd scream and run into my parents bedroom but they weren't there, so I'd curl up in their bed crying and try to fall back to sleep...and then I'd always wake up.

What makes this interesting is a conversation I had with my father years after it started. We were looking through an old photo album that he found, and I saw a picture of the man from my dream! It was my grandfather. I'd probably seen a picture or two when I was younger, but he died a year before I was born so I never had the chance to meet him. I did however hear the story of how he died many times. His neck was broken on a pirate ship ride when he leaned over to put out his cigar and they closed the lap bar. He was in traction for a few days before he passed away...head still...only able to move his eyes.

It was then I realized that perhaps the nightmare wasn't a nightmare at all and instead it was just him looking over me. I had the dream one last time where I smiled at him, he smiled back and I fell asleep...and that was that.

What's your worst nightmare? Deminski & Doyle want to know. You can email your entry to, leave them in the comments below or message us on Facebook by 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 19. Deminski, Doyle and Joe V will choose which nightmare is scariest, and the winner gets five tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure, good through November 13!

When you submit your entry, please include your name, an email address, and a phone number where we can reach you (we wont publish any contact information on our website if we publish your submission). You can choose if you want the tickets delivered to you or if you want to come to the radio station to pick them up.

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