Halloween has become a bigger and bigger holiday in the U.S. over the years. 2016 statistics show $8.4 billion will be spent. We are even dressing up our pets, but that's a whole other topic. I can understand how adults began embracing the day, dressing up and going to grown up parties. However where do we draw the line at actual Trick or Treating? To me, going house to house in costume looking for candy is a kid thing that stops by the time you're a teenager. At least that's how it used to be.

I'm hearing parents tell me that many schools have kids still wearing costumes to classes well into high school now, depending on the district. I have to think this is the minority though. Then again, the last couple Halloweens in my neighborhood we definitely saw teenagers on the candy hunt. Not just recent teens either. From what we could see past the costumes and makeup, sixteen and even seventeen year olds. Some leaving in cars they drove themselves. Is that crazy? Or is that just how Halloween has changed?

Maybe I'm being a grump, but it seems like a 16 year old looking for candy is almost pulling one over on us. Like I said, I can understand them going to a party in costume. Even adults going to a party and having some libations in costume. But Trick or Treating to me is like Santa at 13. You just don't do it. Am I wrong?

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