This is part three of a five part series leading up to Halloween weekend. Each day we offer a true story as told to us by a NJ101.5 listener of things they cannot explain. They are in no way paid for their stories and they swear to be telling the truth.

In Central Jersey there's an old house in the middle of nowhere that is alive with unexplained phenomena, according to a listener named Jamie. She's lived there for quite some time. She believes things unseen do as well.

The house has a bit of history to it. It's been added on to several times over many years, but the original part of the home has been standing for 200 years. It is in this oldest section of the home where things happen. Interesting to note Jamie's been told there's a connection with this house to the Rosenberg spy trials of the early 1950's. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were charged with and ultimately convicted of espionage and sharing classified information on nuclear technology with the Russians. They were eventually executed for their crimes and their orphaned children moved about from one New Jersey location to another. This house is allegedly one the children were whisked off to after staying awhile in Toms River, all to avoid the harsh glare of the spotlight.

The house would have been a good choice for seclusion. The nearest home to it is a quarter mile away. That's why when Jamie would have guests over who always wanted to know who the men were that were having a conversation right outside their windows, it was shocking and awkward to explain there was no one there. They would run outside to find nothing. No cars. Nothing for anyone to quickly hide behind. Nothing there. This happened too many times to count.

Lamps would turn on and off by themselves. Sounds would be heard. All of these things would happen only in the oldest section of the home, never anywhere else. Eventually the family had a security camera installed that would give an alert when motion was sensed in these rooms. The alerts happened often, but when looking at the the recordings there was never anything seen. Jamie believes whatever is in the house is very fond of the workshop out back. On a couple occasions when she was out there with people who would suggested tearing down the old workshop, there would be a sudden, visceral, and unexplainable reaction. When a family friend brought up getting rid of the workshop a four foot level instantly leaped off the wall and struck the man square in the head. Her father was once in the workshop and spoke out loud about the same idea. A saw promptly flew off a shelf and clonked him right in the skull.

Jamie swears that to this day these events continue. Just two weeks ago the conversations outside the house were heard once more. Could it be Mr. Rosenberg coming back in search of his two orphaned boys? Or just a weird quirk of physics with the lay of the land? Racing outside as quickly as they could, they found nothing and no one outside this 200 year old mysterious house. Only silent fields, lots of questions, and much history.

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