Jeff Deminski, Bill Doyle and Joe Votruba mulled over each and every nightmare submission you sent in. They have collectively reached a verdict as to who has the most terrifying nightmare.

Congratulations to Yvonne. When she initially sent her story in, she said that this nightmare recurred over a period of months during a particularly stressful time. Yvonne added that it was extremely vivid and she has not never forgotten it. After reading Yvonne's submission, we can see why. This should be the outline for a horror movie script. Terrifying. See Yvonne's submission below.

I wake up.
I sense a presence but I cannot see what it is. It is pitch dark, but there – there is darkness standing out against the darkness of the wall. It starts to move toward me. I try to scream but I cannot open my mouth to make more than a muffled sound. I put my hand to my lips and feel threads that have sewn them shut. I feel wetness. I smell it. Blood. My blood. My eyes strain to widen but my eyelids are sewn as well, yet only partially as if whatever has done this wants me to see. To see what? My mind struggles against the thought. I try to quell the terror that is rising inside of me. I realize that my fingers are sewn together, as are my thighs, my feet, all sewn. I feel each point of entry of the threads and in my panic, I struggle not to move, afraid that I will tear my flesh from my bones. The thing inches closer, painfully slowly. It reaches out its thin, black fingers, thin like the legs of a spider. Behind the blackness of the figure a red light begins to emanate, filling the room. Through the slits of my eyelids I see more threads now spinning out around me and feel myself being lifted. Thread is wound around me by a hundred bony fingers. The thread binds me tightly and I am lifted higher, hanging from my feet now, upside down, my blood pounding in my head, pounding behind my eyes. I am spun violently, and stopped abruptly. As my dizziness fades and my eyes adjust, I see its thin, haggard face, its cold, gray eyes. I smell its putrid breath. It begins to laugh, a horrid, metallic sound. It grabs me in a suffocating hold and squeezes, crushing my breath from my body. I feel its cold slimy flesh meld into mine.
I wake up.

Yvonne is the winner of five tickets for Six Flags Great Adventure. Fright Fest is still ongoing, but we doubt Yvonne will encounter anything as scary as what appeared in her dreams.

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