The deadline to submit your scariest nightmare for a chance to win Six Flags Great Adventure tickets was 6 pm Wednesday night. We managed to get a few more submissions right before time expired, so while Jeff, Bill and Joe V mull over which nightmare is the absolute scariest, take a look at our final submissions. We will have a winner announced Friday, Oct. 21.

The first nightmare comes from a listener by the name of Eric.

Several years back I was dreaming that I was in a large maze that I saw from up above then I was dropped in the middle of it. The maze seemed to be on another planet and everything was in night style setting.

As I started walking through the maze, I saw that in several areas, that there were Xenomorph (Alien: Movie starring Sigourney Weaver) Statues in different areas of the Maze. Suddenly one of the statues came alive, and I started to run.

I thought that I was in a safe part of the maze, but I saw it's shadow so I ran in a different direction. Only problem was that I came to a cross area of the maze and at every corner I ran down the shadow of the alien was there.

Suddenly Walls came down on each way I ran and moved towards me boxing me in. What made things worse was that the alien was banging up against the wall trying to get to me. I was afraid and I grew tired of the torture, so one of the walls lifted and revealed the Xenomorph. I had no where to go and I said, "Just bite my damn head off." The alien did just that. Everything went black and I woke up from my dream sweating my tail off.

Brooke's nightmare is right out of a Quentin Tarantino movie.

I dreamed that I was serving dinner to 2 couples in the apartment of one of the couples. I monitored the dining room through the small circular window in the swinging door that lead to the kitchen. As dinner came to a close, I put chocolate lava cakes in the oven and proceeded to clear the dinner plates. The men said they were going down to the garage to check out a new car one had just purchased, as there was about 10 minutes until dessert. The women ventured into the kitchen as I continued to clear traces of dinner from the table. Upon approaching the kitchen, i could see through the window in the door that the women were totally making out, one sitting atop the counter straddling the other. I was shocked and did not enter, put down what i was holding and proceeded to set the table for dessert. Suddenly I heard a ruckus in the kitchen-slamming and shouting! I peeked in through the side of the window in the door and saw one of the men gripping the throat of and shaking one of the women as he screamed, " like that? You like putting your tongue all over that wh*re? Let me help you!" and he grabbed one of my knives and her tongue and sliced off the tip! The other woman was knocked out on the floor and he began "licking" her with the cut off portion of the tongue, rhetorically asking, "Do you ladies like this? Huh? Is this what you want?" Terror ran through me as he stood and turned toward me, shuffling into the dining room. "You like what you see?" he questioned as he waved the tongue tip in my face...I remember I could smell the Parmesan cheese from dinner on it. Then I woke up.

Patti reminds us that the woods offer terrifying inspiration for nightmares.

My sister and I would be lost in the woods. It was dark and overcast. We would hear an ominous rustling. We would stop and stare at the darkness behind us. Then all of a sudden a huge bear would be barreling toward us. I would scream "run" Janet. I was holding her hand trying to pull her along but it was like we were in quicksand. The bear lunged for my sister and I said "play dead". I would lie there with my eyes closed knowing that my sister was getting ripped to shreds.

Our final submission comes from Gloria, who may need to start sleeping with a mouth guard.

I have a recurring dream that I swallow something that can't be swallowed. This sounds silly but it has terrified me in my sleep over and over. Usually I wake up hanging over the side of the bed gagging or trying to claw the thing out of my throat. One of the more memorable dreams was that I swallowed a belt. Of course the belt had a buckle on the end, so as I hung over the bed trying to pull it out, I was dreaming that the buckle part was stuck onto the inside of my neck! Finally, the funniest of these dreams (although it wasn't funny to me!) was when I dreamed I gulped down a pie in one bite, and for sure, I was going to choke on it. I walked out of bed, and into the kitchen, where my husband was standing, and announced, "I swallowed a whole pie." He's used to these occurrences so just sent me back to bed.

Thank you for participating in Deminski & Doyle's second annual scary nightmare contest. Deminski, Doyle and Joe V will announce the winner shortly. The winner gets five tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure, good through November 13!

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