I read an article this morning about how Montclair State University is seriously haunted. Got me thinking about our stay a few years ago at the Headland Hotel in Cornwall, southwest England.

The story about the hotel, which was converted to a hospital during World War II, is that it's been haunted for some time.

Here's a pull quote from a blogger writing about the landmark:

"During the Second World War the hotel – like many similar grand buildings – was requisitioned to become an RAF hospital and ever since guests have reported seeing men in uniform walking the corridors late at night. Nurses have been seen too. On one occasion a group of children told their parents that a lady had walked into their room – without use of the door – wearing a “long, dark coat without arms [a cape] and a funny, small white hat on her head”. A decade later, a woman wearing this same distinctive ensemble disappeared through a wall in full view of customers and staff alike – in exactly the same position as where there had once been a door into the Ladies’ Powder Room. Guests have also reported being awoken by a woman stroking their cheeks…"

We stayed for a long weekend and hung around the areas supposedly visited by the ghost, but nothing. Not a strange sound, no odd feelings, no temperature changes.


We heard stories all morning of people believing there are ghosts in certain parts of their home or school.

For me, I just don't buy it. Thinking that there is a rational, earthy explantation for almost every story you hear.

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