Here we go! Today is your last chance to tell us about the scariest nightmare you've ever had. The person with the most terrifying tale wins five tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure. You have until 6 pm today. Here are some of our favorite submissions from the last 24 hours.

This nightmare comes from Yvonne.

I wake up.
I sense a presence but I cannot see what it is. It is pitch dark, but there - there is darkness standing out against the darkness of the wall. It starts to move toward me. I try to scream but I cannot open my mouth to make more than a muffled sound. I put my hand to my lips and feel threads that have sewn them shut. I feel wetness. I smell it. Blood. My blood. My eyes strain to widen but my eyelids are sewn as well, yet only partially as if whatever has done this wants me to see. To see what? My mind struggles against the thought. I try to quell the terror that is rising inside of me. I realize that my fingers are sewn together, as are my thighs, my feet, all sewn. I feel each point of entry of the threads and in my panic, I struggle not to move, afraid that I will tear my flesh from my bones. The thing inches closer, painfully slowly. It reaches out its thin, black fingers, thin like the legs of a spider. Behind the blackness of the figure a red light begins to emanate, filling the room. Through the slits of my eyelids I see more threads now spinning out around me and feel myself being lifted. Thread is wound around me by a hundred bony fingers. The thread binds me tightly and I am lifted higher, hanging from my feet now, upside down, my blood pounding in my head, pounding behind my eyes. I am spun violently, and stopped abruptly. As my dizziness fades and my eyes adjust, I see its thin, haggard face, its cold, gray eyes. I smell its putrid breath. It begins to laugh, a horrid, metallic sound. It grabs me in a suffocating hold and squeezes, crushing my breath from my body. I feel its cold slimy flesh meld into mine.
I wake up.

Melissa's nightmare submission was too realistic for her liking.

One night I decided to go to bed early with my 2 year old and infant. I came upstairs and since my husband was downstairs watching football, I laid my girl Luna in bed with me and my son Jett in his pack n play next to my bed. I got dressed in my pjs and also went to sleep.

*dream state begins* I had this overwhelming sensation that someone had been watching me as I was sleeping so my eyes open. Night light is dimmed, I get up and see nothing. Everything looks like it usually does nothing weird or strange to tell me it's a dream. In my dream I call out to my husband to see if he was upstairs, he calls back and says no. (I was even able to hear the football game playing in the background) I lay back down and notice the walk in closet door is open. So I close it and go back to bed with my Luna. I close my eyes but I really start to feel like someone is watching my babies and I as We sleep.

I grab my cell and call my husband to come upstairs because I'm too scared to move at this point. He answers (it feels so dang real at this point), he responds that I'm being silly. Hang up and look at the nightlight. And in the corner of my eye I see the closet door is open again. I run up and close it and return to bed... and when I look at the night light again, a skinny child like creature was just standing there. Two sharp horns, long arms with pointy long fingers, black all over (the eyes were totally black). He breathed like an emaciated animal, the sound of it breathing was so scary. I saw him glance at my infant, like he wanted to devour him. At that moment he was approaching me with an crippled slow walk, I grabbed my babies in my sleep and held them tight, as the creature reached over, I woke up from my sleep. Same room, husband still downstairs, football in the background, nightlight dimmed, children sound asleep...
Closet. Door. Wide. Open.

I ran so fast out of that room... with the sleeping babies. My husband laughs at me every time I mention it or ask him to close the closet door every night.

Emma's worst nightmare ends with a reasonable explanation.

Growing up, my house was always considered haunted. In my room I had weird things happen, like my TV would shut on and off, my door would open and close, and my lights would flicker all by itself. One dream still haunts me.

"Hiss, hiss, hiss," the noise repeatedly played over and over again. I opened my eyes slightly to realize everything in my room was piled up in the middle of my floor, except for my blanket. It was blurry and my TV looked as if it was out of one of those horror movies. I kept hearing this noise over and over again, until I saw it.

I looked up and there was this demented demon like figure running at me. I could feel the temperature in the room drop quickly. The spirit ran up to me and it continued to hiss in my face. I had never felt like this before, never feared the unknown like this. I felt the spirit run its fingers down my spine making my back tighten up and immediate chills came to my body... That's when I woke up to a static television and a freezing cold room.

Christina is dying to know who the man was in the worst nightmare she ever had.

I'm not a light sleeper, but as a mom I'm programmed to hear any nighttime noise coming from my son's bedroom and it wakes me immediately. About four years ago when my son was around seven, I had a dream that I was standing in an ornate, slightly old fashioned hallway. I was speaking to a pleasant old gentleman, tall and slim, who was dressed to the nines as what seemed like a high-class Maitre D or stereotypical elegant butler. I heard my son, from outside of the dream, calling me. I said to the gentleman that I had to go and he calmly told me not to.

I heard my son again, and at that point I was partially awake, but the dream continued and the man grabbed onto my arm and told me, very firmly, "No. We don't want you to go. You need to stay with us." I had to shake him off and it felt like I had to pry myself away from him and out of the dream and literally force myself to wake up fully. Even after I was out of bed and walking towards my son's room (he really had woken up and was calling to me), it was the most disconcerting and uncomfortable feeling. The feeling of having to pry myself out of the dream is still very vivid. I wonder who and why didn't want me to leave?

Dylan's nightmare has a bit of a musical twist.

5 years ago when I was 16 I was up until 2 am reading deep into my book, when my younger sister ran into my room crying because she had a nightmare and was too scared to go to sleep in her room. This was a one time occurrence so I said fine you can sleep in my room. So she slept on the floor and I turned off the lights. Right before I fell asleep, my acoustic guitar which sat in the corner of my room played THREE strings one at a time. Me and my sister shot up at the same time and stared at each other she was terrified and I was beyond confused. She turned on the light and I could find no reason or evidence that anything moved or touched the guitar. I convinced her one of my guitar picks fell and played the strings. She was young enough to believe it at the time but I still have no clue how it happened. So I finally went to sleep.

AGAIN I heard ONE string on the guitar play and it echoed and I sat straight up again, except everything I saw in my vision was black and white as if I was seeing through a night vision camera. It made everything grainy which made it all the more eerie. I turned to my sister and there was a teenage girl with overall jeans that were probably in fashion in the 80s. She was very pretty but her mouth was all grainy and static like so i could only see her eyes. She asked me if I have met her friend yet. I started getting scared as she just stared me down showing little to no emotion. I asked "what friend?" She said, "You haven't then, that's why I played your guitar, he likes music but he doesn't want anyone in Beth's room (my younger sister)." I started realizing what was happening and yelled, "Beth turn on the lights!" in hopes to wake her up and get the lights on. The eerie grainy girl jumped on my bed in a flash and started holding me down covering my mouth and said not to yell! He's coming and he's angry! And a huge shadow figure appeared at the door and even though it looked terrifying, I finally realized that it was impossible for a man that big and dark to exist. But before I could wake myself up I naturally woke up as my sister's door SLAMMED shut and left HUGE cracks running above and below the door handle. My sister and I once again stared at each other for 10 seconds in shock.

Before we could say anything, my father ran down the hallway with his Bowie knife. We explained what happened. He spent 10+ years in the Army and that's what all his morals and life's understandings were based off of. He would never in a million years believe in the paranormal, he told us only last year (2015) that my mother actually told him that our two radios would turn on their own very early in the morning and play music. My father spent the next 48 hours straight patrolling the house for intruders. Nothing was found but ever since that night, every dream / nightmare I have, I just PRAY it doesn't connect with anything again when I wake up.

What's your worst nightmare? Deminski & Doyle want to know. You can email your entry to, leave them in the comments below or message us on Facebook by 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 19. Deminski, Doyle and Joe V will choose which nightmare is scariest, and the winner gets five tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure, good through November 13!

When you submit your entry, please include your name, an email address, and a phone number where we can reach you (we wont publish any contact information on our website if we publish your submission). You can choose if you want the tickets delivered to you or if you want to come to the radio station to pick them up.

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