Today is the first day we accepted your nightmare submissions for a chance to win five tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure. Don't forget, you have until Wednesday, Oct. 19 to tell us about the most terrifying nightmare you've ever had! Here are two nightmare submissions from today.

This nightmare was submitted by a listener by the name of Ariane.

I’m in Texas visiting my best friend’s family with her to attend an annual fundraiser her family hosts every June. This year her family has invited my dad to attend the fundraiser because we have acted as her NJ family and they want to host us all for the weekend as a thank you. So my now husband, my best friend, her fiancé, and I are in the kitchen of one of her TX girlfriends ending our visit to leave to the airport to pick up my dad who flew out the day after us.

The Texas girl gets a phone call for me on her cell, I take the call and immediately my blood turns cold because the caller tells me not to bother going to the airport because my dad never left NJ, and her and her partner have my dad tied up in my apartment in NJ. It’s a ransom call of sorts, except the woman tells me that they wanted to grab me instead, knowing my dad will pay for me as I’m carrying his first grandson. I immediately lose my cool in a major way and cuss this woman inside out, upside down and back again.

My now ex-husband woke me up at some point during my tirade on this woman because I’m actually yelling, crying and generally losing my mind for real. I woke up in such a panic and convinced that it was real, I made my ex call my dad at 3:45am so I could talk to him. Needless to say, he was fine and surprisingly not mad about my middle of the night phone call. He told me that my mother had nightmares and night terrors when she was pregnant with me and my sister.

This nightmare was submitted by a listener by the name of Mary Lou.

My worst nightmare would reoccur over and over again. I was little, maybe 8 years old. I did not like snakes of any kind. In my dream every time I wanted to go outside, I would open the living room door which leads to a hallway and then to the front door. The entire floor would be covering with slithering snakes!! I would have to tip toe out to the door. To this day, I can remember that dream like it was last night and am still terrified of snakes!

What's your worst nightmare? Deminski & Doyle want to know. You can email your entry to, leave them in the comments below or message us on Facebook by 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 19. Deminski, Doyle and Joe V will choose which nightmare is scariest, and the winner gets five tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure, good through November 13!

When you submit your entry, please include your name, an email address, and a phone number where we can reach you (we wont publish any contact information on our website if we publish your submission). You can choose if you want the tickets delivered to you or if you want to come to the radio station to pick them up.

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