I keep seeing these stories about Skittles being the favorite candy in New Jersey. How could one of the most middle of the road candies out there be New Jersey's favorite? Aren't we home to M&M's? I smell a rat in all this.

Then there's Bill Doyle's assertion that everyone loves candy corn (no, many of us hate it) and that circus peanuts are somehow actually edible. I thought circus peanuts is what happens to foam packing peanuts when they die, because I swear packing peanuts would taste better.

So just in time for Halloween we offer a fun bracket game. No prize here, no money at stake, just bragging rights for Jersey's favorite candy. Here are the contenders.

The Garden conference:
circus peanuts
candy corn
Tootsie rolls
Kit Kats
Almond Joy

The Jerz conference:
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Swedish Fish
Heath Bar
Tootsie Pop

You have only a few hours to cast your vote. Polls close at 6:30pm Friday. Then we move on to the Edible 8!

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