In an increasingly high-tech world, the Union County Prosecutor's Office has launched a Cybercrime Task Force to streamline investigations and train local police departments.

The leader of the unit, Lt. Gary Webb, said the task force will support county investigators and municipal police with crimes involving computers and the internet.

"Usually, there is some type of technology aspect ... where there might be a cellular telephone involved in the investigation or the crime might have been captured on surveillance video," Webb said Tuesday.

The task force will have a sergeant, six detectives and a rotating cast of three officers on loan from various county police departments.

"We're training them in not only recovery of video evidence but also in cell phone forensics and computer forensics," Webb said.

They will support various other law enforcement initiatives, including narcotics investigations and forensic examination of digital devices.

The task force will also go after child pornographers.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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