UPPER TOWNSHIP — It's still a few months until Thanksgiving, but motorists in this Cape May County town can be thankful some game State Troopers helped get a group of turkeys off the local roads.

The State Police shared video of the encounter, including one of the fowl friends hopping into the backseat of a patrol car. In the post, the police said troopers get trained for lots of situations during their six months in the academy, "except for maybe corralling turkeys."

"Fortunately, we're trained to think on our feet, to adapt, improvise, and overcome any obstacle," the police said in the post.

The bird who jumped into the patrol car was named "Fran" by some of the locals, and was given a ride to a wooded area to keep everyone safe.

Turkeys may be an unusual sight for troopers to encounter, but animal rescues are nothing new for the State Police. Last year a cow seen wandering along Route 29 was corralled with the help of troopers, not long after another bovine wandering along Route 195 was also brought to safety. Police across the state have also helped rescue pigs, bulls and even snakes.


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