This Saturday, I'll be hosting the B Street Band at Great Adventure. It will be like returning to the scene of the crime.

B Street lead singer Glenn Stuart has been my best friend since we went to Marlboro High School together. One day while there, we decided to cut school and figured if we applied for jobs at Great Adventure, they'd have to let us into the park for free. When we got there, I tried it and ended up getting hired. He ended up sitting in my car waiting for me.

The following year, Glenn was hired and we ended up working at the "Aqua Spectacle" Before that, I ran the rotor.

Now, back then, we would all go out and I would drive in my beat-up Volkswagon Beetle. Glenn would be the last person I'd drop off and sometimes, we'd sit in the car and mull the future. I'd always say that I was going to end up on the radio, and Glenn, a HUGE Springsteen fan, would say that he wanted to be Bruce. Now after all these years, two guys who realized their dreams will go from the diving and dolphin shows that aren't even there anymore to the main stage.

Hope you come out and see us!


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