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Why does the ground keep shaking in South Jersey?
For the second time in a month, the ground moved and houses shook in South Jersey

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⬛ Where's my money? Answers about NJ's ANCHOR rebate
Questions and answers about New Jersey's ANCHOR property tax rebate for homeowners and renters

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⬛ Parents reveal their top concerns about their children
No. 1 isn't drugs, gun violence, pregnancy, or getting in trouble with the law.

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⬛ A new report finds autism cases in NJ are shooting higher
NJ researchers say many things could be fueling the surge including environmental factors, and more study is needed

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⬛ 2 brutal beating deaths of NJ seniors in separate nursing homes
Herman Walker, 91, died two weeks after being assaulted by a roommate at a Westfield facility. Clara Sutkowski, also 91, died three days after being struck by a fellow resident at a South Plainfield facility.

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